Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ricky Po(i)nting in a new direction - A EXCLUSIVE!

I was in Kolkata a few days ago and was hoping to squeeze sometime out and catch the Twenty20 action at the Eden's. But like a regular journalist's holiday this trip was super stressful. I kept shuffling between office work, over-friendly friends and completely crazy relatives. All of which kept me completely occupied from early morning to post mid-night.

One of my friend (Babu bhai) invited me to accompany him for a TV commercial shoot in Kolkata. I tagged along – as if I had an option. We reached the location and I was expecting a sad, local model trying hard to look cool. But I was stunned to see Kolkata Knights' pride, controversy king RICKY PONTING! Nope, he wasn't driving a square drive but he was riding a Suzuki Hayabusa. I placed my eyeballs back in my skull. Apparently he is the brand ambassador of Valvoline lubs and he was shooting for their new TVC. A good way to make some extra buck while (not) performing in the IPL. Hee hee heh...naughty me.

The new ad will feature him riding the sexy Busa (owned by Babu bhai) and looking for an address, which perhaps is his ancestral house. He finally finds it and enters to find a vintage bike – probably a Norton, which starts at just one go... reason?? Valvoline lubricant... wah wah... hazoor wah Valvoline kahiye!

Anyway... here's a picture of Ponting baba on the Hayabusa... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

oh my god!! who is this guy SARMAD..he is jus too fast..the ad is not out yet and we get to see things on his blog...ming boggling..ur goin places man!!

ђยรคเภ.. said...

Awesome pintu bhai..great news..didnt know babu bhai's bike was doing wonders..
really ur spicing up this blog...
awesome work..