Friday, April 25, 2008

SPY pics of Mahindra Ingenio

After a diet conscious lunch at Subway, my good friend Aslam Memon and I decided finally to head back to office and do some work to justify our salaries. Cruising on my bike with Mumbai's lazy summer afternoon traffic. Well, we weren't really enjoying it... not the job, I meant the summer sun. (Hope my boss doesn't visit blogspot often)...

Suddenly, God personally answered our prayers and added a twist in our usually (yawn) boring lives. We spotted a draped SUV (car) trying to slip past the sparse traffic. But, who can escape the eyes of the tiger? (I mean, yours truly). I jumped off the bike's seat and the pinched Aslam, who by then had fallen off to sleep with his head on my shoulder (just a clarification, both of us are straight and will not entertain any gay offers, now or in the near future). The pinch worked like a self-start and Aslam was up and running. Both of us got back on the bike, while I explained that I had spotted a to-be-launched car with black cloth wrapped all over it to protect its identity.

Before I could explain some more my partner (strictly for dieting only) took out his new mobile and started clicking the hell out of the car. He took quite a few pics but am posting just three, coz the remaining pictures were of the occasional chicks that distracted my sincere friend and some of the traffic cops mustaches, which I am sure most of you will not be too interested in.

Later we figured out from the gurus at CAR India that this is the Mahindra Ingenio...Heh hee heh... My first spy assignment was a super hit! Atleast for Aslam and me. Thank God we have some excitement back in our mundane lives (yaawn). You guys can now address me as the agent 009.

Here goes... enjoy...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LIVE experience of riding a Superbike...

SWOOSH! A yellow beam of light whizzes past. Probably a bike I missed a head-on with by a few inches… no time to think. Wind hitting my face mercilessly… it’s like I’m riding through a tornado. My forehead feels numb in a constant frown and I can hardly keep my eyes open… water spraying-out of them, like a fierce hailstorm, soaking my side locks and earlobes. All I can hear is the wind gushing past my ears over 200 kilometers per hour. My nostrils flare like a demon; I twist the throttle adding more fuel to the fire. The monster in the engine of my R1 begins to uncurl itself and erupts from the exhaust with a haunting roar, swallowing the road ahead…it’s fast… In just 3 seconds I zoom past a football field!

The sudden shot of adrenaline makes my head throb and my heart hammers against my chest. The vacuum sucks the butterflies in my stomach as I defy the G-force and zip past the traffic. From the corner of my eye I catch a quick glimpse of mortal road bikers with their jaws dropping… I grin! My arm burns in pain gripping the handle bar and my knees ache squeezing the life out of the tank…I hold on and take control of this beast! Gradually my machine and I merge…we become One! We take over the road… leaving everything else behind and on the way become the most powerful thing on tarmac! And all this is sheer bliss – coz it’s a guy’s thing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Free-styler!

So you thought the Pulsar TVC rocked.... wait till you check this out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Yummy-Mummy Malaika's Fetish For Gadgets

Recently I caught up with the sexy dancing queen of Bollywood – Malaika Arora Khan --- at the re-launch of the Fly Hummer mobile phone. The sexy ambassador revealed her fetish for gadgets, "Gadgets are no longer a man's prerogative. Women love gadgets too. I'm hooked on to technology and am a gamer myself. Though I'm still not a pro but I enjoy gaming nonetheless."
We wanted the hottie to reveal the bare details of her fetish and she was naughty enough to oblige. Brace yourself, for here comes the yummy-mummy's must have gadgets - "Trendy and useful kitchen appliances are a must-have for all women. Then a good mobile phone to suit your personality, like the Fly Hummer (ahem...). I am in love with my ipod so it's a must have. Another cool gadget that I possess is my sexy new digital camera that I always carry when I am travelling. Last but not the least a light weight laptop that I can carry around."


Friday, April 4, 2008

Michael Schumacher's drinking tips

If you don't take your Bacardi breezer and drive, thinking you might hit a bump and spill the drink… well think again. For one, we are not promoting drinking and driving. And here's the more important bit. A cool dude once said, "When I go for a drink, my car stays at home."

This is exactly the message that Bacardi Limited is promoting in its Champions Drink Responsibly campaign featuring its ambassador and seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. The hot-on-wheels star Michael said, "I am eager to spread the message that drinking and driving don't mix. It is a topic that I feel strongly about and it builds upon my work in the area of road safety." The Champions Drink Responsibly campaign will be rolled out across 40 countries.

So next time you want to zip past town remember to have a hangover on speed and not on drinks. Cheers!