Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hyundai’s new 800cc car on its way

Hyundai Motor India is developing a small car to compete in the Maruti dominated 800cc segment. The new car is expected to hit the Indian roads in another three to four years - that’s around 2012. Hope it’ll be worth the wait.

Mr. H S Lheem, Director - Hyundai Motor India said, a model smaller than Santro is being researched and developed jointly by Indian and Korean engineer teams at Hyderabad and Namyang. The car would compete in the 800 cc segment and would be catered to the domestic and International markets.

This ain’t great new for Maruti Suzuki, as there are just two models in the popular segment and the Indian car leader offers both of ‘em. Maruti had been comfortably selling the age old 800 car and the Alto in this segment. Guess it’s time for Maruti honchos to jump out of their comfortably warm beds and rush for an urgent meeting with the marketing and design teams.

When Mr. Lheem was asked whether the 800cc car would be pitted against Maruti 800, he quipped, "the Maruti car is an old one."

The other anticipated car by Hyundai is the ‘i20’, which the company plans to unveil at the Paris Motor Show next month. The ‘i20 would be introduced in India by December.

Friday, August 29, 2008

M&M may acquire Malaguti

After taking over Kinetic Motors, M&M may acquire Malaguti and is also looking at possibilities for a tie-up with Loncin. Malaguti is an Italian two-wheeler manufactures that makes stylish, high-tech and sporty scooters. This move will help M&M to get a slice of the rapidly growing high-end two-wheeler segment of India.

M&M has plans to take Kinetic's product portfolio to the next level, for which the tractor major is considering alliances, and acquisitions in Europe, Taiwan and China.

There are reports that M&M is considering a strategic alliance with Loncin, one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in China.

Hope with all these alliances, acquisitions and tie-up M&M come up with a great mix-and-match recipe... this reminds me of the yummy 'khichri' my mom makes!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fast and Furious – The forth installment!

I've been a big fan of the Fast and Furious movie and eagerly waiting for the next episode. Luckily I cam across the trailer for the forth part of the car movie titled ‘Fast and Furious’... ya they've let go of ‘The’ from the title. Short and precise!

Here's more good new... The movie will mark the return of the first movie lead duo Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, thank God!! In a nut shell the latest F&F movie will have the duo come together to fight a common evil.

Ok, ok... before you jump out of your pajamas, you'll have to wait till next summer (read: around July 2009). So stay put and enjoy this fabulous trailer for now...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tickling the funny bone!

Watch where you are heading ;)

Here's a video that'll have you laughing to tears...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tata Indica Vista launch pictures

As promised here as some pictures from Indica Vista launch...

The patent Indica high backlights continues...

The instruments are shifted to the middle of the dash... Tata claims this improves the road view for the driver.

The Eye of Vista: The most distinct change in the Indica's design
For more details have a look at my Vista launch post...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tata may not produce Nano in Singur

A visibly disturbed Ratan Tata threatened to move Tata car plant out of West Bengal if the violence at Singur did not subside. Tata have already invested around Rs 1500 crores in setting up the plant and with plans of producing the world's cheapest car - Nano.

Tata revealed, "We are deeply concerned at the violence and disruption and at the safety of our employees, equipment and investments at the project site at Singur". Tata said that there was a general perception that Tatas were exploiting the state. "We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the rural community. We have not come to exploit anyone. We have got the land on lease and not bought it."

State opposition party Trinamool Congress led by Mamta Banerjee is hellbent to make Tata set up operations on 600 acres and return 400 acres of land earmarked for ancillary units to farmers from whom the property was acquired.

The CPM state government is adamant not to succumb to Trinamool's demands, causing a deadlock leading to tension and violence in the project area.

The question here is not 'what's gonna happen to Nano?' but 'what's gonna happen to Bengal?'

Monday, August 18, 2008

Diesel - Hyundai i10 early 2009

In the wake of 2009 Hyundai may launch their weapon of mass destruction targeting the Maruti Suzuki Swift which is already dented by the super popular i10. The i10 loaded with a diesel engine would mean no 'Swift' sales for Maruti Suzuki.

The Korean car maker is planning to launch a 1.1 CRDI, 80 horse powered i10 early next year. If they price it sensibly and pack it with goodies like all round discs, ABS, airbags etc. this could well be the last nail for Swift.
Time can only tell and we shall continue speculating...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Next-Gen Toyota Corolla – Altis

Finally the launch date for the Next-Gen Toyota Corolla – Altis has been reviled. The car debuts on 5th September 2008 according to the Corolla teaser website.

The website apart from the teaser image of the car, also has owner testimonials for its other models under the “quality stories” section. The car will be in select Toyota showrooms before the launch.What fun!

SCOOP! New Honda City --- Spy Pics.

The all new Honda city spotted in Thailand where the car is believed to make its global debut. Here are some spy pics doing the round on the net... Great stuff, huh?!

The second image is a Photoshop illustration by good man Jorge L. Fernández. For more of his work visit


Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy biker video! - Watch more free videos
These guys must be crazy... Performing stunts like this without any gears or even a blessed helmet! Freak!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Suzuki Lanza 150cc to land soon!

Its showtime for Suzuki India now. Like all Japanese companies Suzuki thinks ten years in advance. So the sad model line up was Suzuki's way of testing waters in India. The Jap giant will soon launch an 150cc bike with a six speed transmission with a toe and heel gear lever, a rear feature now a days as bikes trying the sporty avatar!

Sadly though it's not exactly a Gixer sibling but this could be the new power packed bike to take on the likes of Unicorn and Pulsar. Well, not really a R15 killer but this bike will target buyers who are looking for performance with mileage.

Speculations have it that the bike will be called the Suzuki Lanza 150. It does resemble the Pulsar a lot, with it's wolf-eye like headlamps. The engine reminds me of the TVS Suzuki Fiero unit. The handlebar comes with weight on both sides which might be borrowed from the Suzuki’s 125cc zeus. The bike will also boast a digital, LCD console.

This could be a blockbuster bike with Suzuki's dependable engine and smooth six speed transmission.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Abhinav Bindra clinches first gold for India in Beijing Olympics!

Don't tell me you still don't know who Abhinav Bindra is... The guy has made us proud by winning Olympic men's 10m air rifle title today. When things were looking bleak and sad for India right from the beginning of Beijing Olympics Abhinav victory came as a shot of adrenaline for the disappointed Indian fans. Brilliant stuff!! And we hope other athletes get some inspiration and grab several more golds for the country.

Cool as an iceberg Abhinav sailed from far behind to win India's long-awaited first gold medal... infact India's first ever individual gold medal. Defending champion from China Zhu Qinan was left weeping with the silver medal.

Bindra, who faced criticism for failing to deliver on the great promise he showed as a child, said he was not thinking about making history in India. In fact he said, he was "not thinking about anything" at all.

Moral of the story... It's time for India to stop thinking and start achieving!

Friday, August 8, 2008

This Baby Ninja is ready for launch.

Kawasaki transformed the Ninja last year and the baby Ninja is kicking ass in the 250cc segment world wide. The Ninja's twin-cyinder engine can scoop out a whooping 30 BHP and has a top speed of over 160 km/h! The bike is expected to land on Indian road soon through Bajaj Auto's Pro-Biking showroom.

If your mouth has started to water then get BIKE India's August issue for an in-depth report on the Ninja 250.

A-star is born!

Come September and Maruti will spice up the hatchback segment with it's much awaited A-star. The A-star better known as new-age Alto in European countries, will be unveiled at the upcoming Paris auto show this October. In India the Maruti Suzuki A-star will have to live along with the Alto and Wagon-R.

The Maruti Suzuki A-star concept was showcased earlier this year in India at the Auto Expo, though the production car will not be as futuristic in designed as the concept car. With a low slung front grill like the Audi accompanied by high bonnet line and the vertically stacked headlights make the car distinct yet its not over the top. The tall-boy design assures roomy interior and legroom.

The A-star will sport a 1 liter K-series engine which can produce 65 BHP and we can expect better fuel economy. This family car will be price around Rs 4 lakh... Beware Hyundai i10!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The banned ad of Calvin Klein that'll make you sweat!

I know I have been mostly writing about cars & bikes, simply coz they are our 1st love... so here is something different... which happens to be our 2nd love, if I may say so ;)
check the video below and be happy!

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes from the movie 'Hitch' has done a new advertisement for a Calvin Klein perfume has been banned by several US TV networks.

The sexy commercial of the Calvin Klein's new fragrance 'Secret Obsession' features the hottie Mendes writhing seductively on a bed! And did I forget to mentions that
Eva Mendes is not wearing anything... Phew!!

Now that its banned else where you gotta see the ad... only at madSarmad, isn't it...

Here's a dekko

Yamaha FZ15 – Naked and armed!

The sexy FZ15 is coming... I had uploaded some Spy Pics of this naked street-fighter bike earlier and now it has been spotted at the Greater Noida Expressway recently. Got these pic from BIKE India.

The FZ15 will boast a peppy five-speed 150cc carburetted engine, different from the R15's liquid cooled unit though. The air-cooled engine with an oil-cooler tuned towards delivering more low end torque rather than high-end performance. I love the size of the engine coz it looks quite big for a 150cc. The FZ15 should deliver around around 14bhp.

And here are some more pictures I came across on These spy pics are just great...

This is what Yamaha has showcased during the Auto Expo in Delhi...

For more pictures visit BIKE India.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Xtreme Video!

As promised here's the short video I had promised... The Fab two from "The World Off Road" - Akis & Vula...enjoying extreme sports around the world. Watch this till the end!watch it till the end. It's fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Around the world in 800 days!

I think I am lucky, really. My work is like living my dream. It lets me meet interesting people... crazy, wacky nut-cases but interesting none the less ;)

This week I met Akis (an Automobile Journalist) and his girlfriend Vula (dancer instructor) who drove all the way from Greece to India. These amazing people are driving a Land Rover and plan to travel around the world in 800 days. Imagine Greece to Jordan to Iran to Pakistan to India and finding time in the middle to site see in Africa as well. I told you crazy but what a life.

People from different part of the world might seem different because of their cultures, looks or beliefs but this experience taught me something... in the end we are all human!!
Armed with a smile - Vula & Akis at Navnit Motors, Thane.

They have a website which the constantly update from the different places they travel. GAWD! Can kill for a life like this!! Ok...before I go on a rampage... have a look at their website... will upload some of their fascinating videos tomorrow... now, I'll get back to work and you enjoy the World Off Roads!