Saturday, September 13, 2008

FZ16 - Rock on Yamaha!

Goa, that's where most automobile journalist are spending their weekend. No it's not holiday but all work. They are getting together to witness the launch of the uber-cool Yamaha FZ16 tomorrow (Sept 14th).

And from Goa to some cooler things. For those who share a passion for icecreams or bikes here's some more super scoop!

The FZ-16 will sport a 153cc, 2 valve, SOHC unit, with 5 speed gearbox and 26mm CV carburettor. The 'Lord of the street' will be available in three colours — lava red, midnight black and flaming that's yummy!

Everything about this beast is chunky — from the FZ1 inspired overall design to the thick MRF tyres. The front has a wide100mm tyre that can be found in the rear wheel of most bikes and the rear wheel will have a fat 140 mm rubber - radial man – cheers! Built on a diamond frame, this new FZ-16 runs on tubeless tyres both at the front and the rear.

Now let's check the rear end.. ahem! This gets even more interesting. The forks are really meaty and I mean at 41mm they are not just thick in the segment and but even more than the Zma, 220s and and the rear mono-cross suspension provides 120mm of wheel travel... Wow!

Ya, it might sound humongous but it just weighs 126 kg, so maneuvering won't be a big concern. The bully sports disk in front and there's a drum in the rear. With completely digital LCD speedo, you can't be complaining.

The naked street fighter definitely sounds better than its predecessor – R15. When it's static, it purrs like a Puma and when it's revved up it growls!

This big cat will be out in the open tomorrow and I'm sure several worthy hunters will be on the on the prowl!

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