Friday, July 4, 2008

Hayabusa's coming to town!

There's great news from Japanese auto giant Suzuki this time round. The bike that made John Abraham and probably the most popular super bike in India. The bike also happens to be the world’s fastest motorbike ever – Suzuki Hayabusa is ready for its official debut in India real soon. Suzuki has confirmed plans to the Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX 1300R) this September. The super bike in current production has speed limited to 299 km per hour. Jesus!

The good times just don't end there, Suzuki will also launch a second superbike the GXR 1000cc by November this year. God! Aren't we blessed to be living in these times?! And you were cribbing about life the other day, silly boys!

The Hayabusa sports a sexy 1340cc and would cost around Rs 11 lakh! No wonder Suzuki doesn't expect the sales of these super bike to sky rocket anytime soon...

“We will launch the bike in the first week of September,” said Atul gupta, vice-president, sales and marketing, Suzuki Motorcycle India. “The demand for big bikes is actually more of a hype. Cumulatively these bikes sell only about 400 units per annum and we don't expect volumes as well. Alongwith the GXR we will probably do 150 units per annum.” Gupta reveals, “We are nevertheless launching the Hayabusa because it will showcase our strength as a bike manufacturer. Moreover these are already available in the grey market so we might as well legalise them.”
Great thinking sir! Bring 'em all on!

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