Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hyundai introduces a No-Petrol LPG-Electric Hybrid car!

Hyundai is geared up to produce cars that won't need petrol! Now that's what I call news, specially with the 'speculating' prices of petrol and diesel. And it's the not so popular Elantra (at least in India) that gets the unique hybrid transformation.

The Korean auto major plans to start retail sales of its first LPG-electric hybrid car July 2009. The Elantra LPI Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is the world’s first hybrid vehicle to be powered by liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and the first to adopt advanced Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) batteries.

• World’s first LPI hybrid, first to use advanced Lithium-Polymer batteries
• Operation costs poised to be lowest of any hybrid in the market
• “Hybrid premium” cost can be recouped in two years through fuel savings
• Emits just 103g/km of CO2 and 90% fewer pollutants to qualify as Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
• Initial sales restricted to Korea. Now thats not a great news :(

However, we have our fingers & everything else crossed and hope to see India's second most popular car maker to launch the
LPG-electric hybrid car here eventually.

Hyundai Elantra as we know it in India

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