Friday, October 17, 2008

James Bond's wrecked Aston Martin DBS

This April, the $ 233,000 Aston Martin DBS used for filming the new James Bond flick - 'Quantum of Solace', fell into an Italian Lake, when an Aston Martin tech-guy driving the car during the shoot lost control... crashed through iron railing and plunged into the lake...OUCH!

Check out the picture above, the car is completely destroyed and thankfully the driver escaped with only minor injuries. If this was a normal movie then this would have meant a $233 thousand set-back for MGM (the producers). But this is a JB movie - 007 has a license to kill and thrill... and there are abundant eccentric collectors who are willing to gather all sort of garbage with astonishing price tag. Recently Daniel Craig announced that a private collector paid around a whooping $350,000 for the wrecked car or whatever was left of it.

So if I calculate correctly MGM actually made a profit over a $100,000! Freak, some people have all the luck.

Here’s a video made right after the crash.

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