Friday, October 17, 2008

Tata writes a letter to West Bengal

My heart aches beyond words when I think about the entire fiasco around the Nano project and West Bengal. Matter in bengal have gone from bad to worse and we remain silent spectator.

Today Tata Motors issued an advertisement in several leading newspapers of Kolkata which features a letter by Ratan Tata. The letter is about the exit of the Nano from Bengal and asks if the citizens of the state want jobs or lawlessness.

Addressing the youth the letter says: "Would you like to support he present government of Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to build a prosperous state with rule of law, modern infrastructure and industrial growth or a state consumed by a destructive political environment of confrontation, agitation, violence and lawlessness".
"Do they want education and jobs in the industrial and hi-tech sectors or," the letter goes on to say, "does the future generation see their future prosperity achieved on a 'stay-as-we-are' basis?"
Ratan Tata says he has written the letter in response to criticism by "vested interests" that the decision to pull out the Nano project from Bengal was "hasty" and "politically motivated".

He names Mamata Banerjee and says "confrontative actions" by her party, supported by "vested interests and certain political parties" disrupted work at the Nano plant at Singur. Sigh!

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