Friday, October 31, 2008

Mahindra Ingenio in now XYLO!

Mahindra & Mahindra will launch the much talked about MPV project Ingenio with a new name --- XYLO!

This happened after in-dept research and in house customer feedback. The firm believes that the short name has better recall along with having a ring, similar to their other products - Scorpio and Bolero. Customers felt that XYLO sounded like the name of a planet, acting as a ladder to space travel and further to a spaceship. Some journalists quipped “out of this world product, is it?” while others were quick to add “hope the price is not astronomical”.

Currently the manufacturing capacity for XYLO is 25,000 vehicles. The assembly line is same as the Scorpio though the outer body (shell) will be different.

  • The XYLO will feature a fine tuned CRDi 2.5 Ltr engine and not the 2.6 Ltr.
  • The MPV will not feature Airbags at launch
  • 4 wheel drive will be introduced 6 months post the launch
  • ABS will also be offered in due course
  • No automatic version

Click here to watch Mahindra Ingenio Video

Mahindra XYLO Pics



You know what Xylo means Madsarmad? If not, let my tell you that in Greek, "Xylo" means "wood". Check this out through the Mahindra PR people. Maybe Anand Mahindra, the brain of the company has studied a bit of ancient


You know what XYLO means Mad Sarmad? If you have no idea, let me tell you that "Xylo" means "Wood" in Greek. Check out if that was Mahindra's intention through the PR of the company. From Anand Mahindra you can expect everything, even Ancient Greek knowledge!

Ivan said...

Hey, I saw the website as well the video, looks like something intersting is on the way.

vivek said...

Didn't know about the meaning of the word Temperidis.

Anyways, the teasers look good, and I hope the vehicle turns out to be as good as they said it will be.

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