Friday, April 11, 2008

Yummy-Mummy Malaika's Fetish For Gadgets

Recently I caught up with the sexy dancing queen of Bollywood – Malaika Arora Khan --- at the re-launch of the Fly Hummer mobile phone. The sexy ambassador revealed her fetish for gadgets, "Gadgets are no longer a man's prerogative. Women love gadgets too. I'm hooked on to technology and am a gamer myself. Though I'm still not a pro but I enjoy gaming nonetheless."
We wanted the hottie to reveal the bare details of her fetish and she was naughty enough to oblige. Brace yourself, for here comes the yummy-mummy's must have gadgets - "Trendy and useful kitchen appliances are a must-have for all women. Then a good mobile phone to suit your personality, like the Fly Hummer (ahem...). I am in love with my ipod so it's a must have. Another cool gadget that I possess is my sexy new digital camera that I always carry when I am travelling. Last but not the least a light weight laptop that I can carry around."


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