Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LIVE experience of riding a Superbike...

SWOOSH! A yellow beam of light whizzes past. Probably a bike I missed a head-on with by a few inches… no time to think. Wind hitting my face mercilessly… it’s like I’m riding through a tornado. My forehead feels numb in a constant frown and I can hardly keep my eyes open… water spraying-out of them, like a fierce hailstorm, soaking my side locks and earlobes. All I can hear is the wind gushing past my ears over 200 kilometers per hour. My nostrils flare like a demon; I twist the throttle adding more fuel to the fire. The monster in the engine of my R1 begins to uncurl itself and erupts from the exhaust with a haunting roar, swallowing the road ahead…it’s fast… In just 3 seconds I zoom past a football field!

The sudden shot of adrenaline makes my head throb and my heart hammers against my chest. The vacuum sucks the butterflies in my stomach as I defy the G-force and zip past the traffic. From the corner of my eye I catch a quick glimpse of mortal road bikers with their jaws dropping… I grin! My arm burns in pain gripping the handle bar and my knees ache squeezing the life out of the tank…I hold on and take control of this beast! Gradually my machine and I merge…we become One! We take over the road… leaving everything else behind and on the way become the most powerful thing on tarmac! And all this is sheer bliss – coz it’s a guy’s thing!

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