Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yamaha FZ15 – Naked and armed!

The sexy FZ15 is coming... I had uploaded some Spy Pics of this naked street-fighter bike earlier and now it has been spotted at the Greater Noida Expressway recently. Got these pic from BIKE India.

The FZ15 will boast a peppy five-speed 150cc carburetted engine, different from the R15's liquid cooled unit though. The air-cooled engine with an oil-cooler tuned towards delivering more low end torque rather than high-end performance. I love the size of the engine coz it looks quite big for a 150cc. The FZ15 should deliver around around 14bhp.

And here are some more pictures I came across on These spy pics are just great...

This is what Yamaha has showcased during the Auto Expo in Delhi...

For more pictures visit BIKE India.

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