Friday, August 22, 2008

Tata may not produce Nano in Singur

A visibly disturbed Ratan Tata threatened to move Tata car plant out of West Bengal if the violence at Singur did not subside. Tata have already invested around Rs 1500 crores in setting up the plant and with plans of producing the world's cheapest car - Nano.

Tata revealed, "We are deeply concerned at the violence and disruption and at the safety of our employees, equipment and investments at the project site at Singur". Tata said that there was a general perception that Tatas were exploiting the state. "We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the rural community. We have not come to exploit anyone. We have got the land on lease and not bought it."

State opposition party Trinamool Congress led by Mamta Banerjee is hellbent to make Tata set up operations on 600 acres and return 400 acres of land earmarked for ancillary units to farmers from whom the property was acquired.

The CPM state government is adamant not to succumb to Trinamool's demands, causing a deadlock leading to tension and violence in the project area.

The question here is not 'what's gonna happen to Nano?' but 'what's gonna happen to Bengal?'


srinidhi said...

Our country is still the way it is because of dirty politics and common peoples(read farmers) perception about industrialization.God please save this country from ugly politicians......pls

husain said...

These people are running after progress with a stick in their hand..Bengal ka kuchh nahi hoga..