Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hyundai’s new 800cc car on its way

Hyundai Motor India is developing a small car to compete in the Maruti dominated 800cc segment. The new car is expected to hit the Indian roads in another three to four years - that’s around 2012. Hope it’ll be worth the wait.

Mr. H S Lheem, Director - Hyundai Motor India said, a model smaller than Santro is being researched and developed jointly by Indian and Korean engineer teams at Hyderabad and Namyang. The car would compete in the 800 cc segment and would be catered to the domestic and International markets.

This ain’t great new for Maruti Suzuki, as there are just two models in the popular segment and the Indian car leader offers both of ‘em. Maruti had been comfortably selling the age old 800 car and the Alto in this segment. Guess it’s time for Maruti honchos to jump out of their comfortably warm beds and rush for an urgent meeting with the marketing and design teams.

When Mr. Lheem was asked whether the 800cc car would be pitted against Maruti 800, he quipped, "the Maruti car is an old one."

The other anticipated car by Hyundai is the ‘i20’, which the company plans to unveil at the Paris Motor Show next month. The ‘i20 would be introduced in India by December.

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