Thursday, August 7, 2008

The banned ad of Calvin Klein that'll make you sweat!

I know I have been mostly writing about cars & bikes, simply coz they are our 1st love... so here is something different... which happens to be our 2nd love, if I may say so ;)
check the video below and be happy!

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes from the movie 'Hitch' has done a new advertisement for a Calvin Klein perfume has been banned by several US TV networks.

The sexy commercial of the Calvin Klein's new fragrance 'Secret Obsession' features the hottie Mendes writhing seductively on a bed! And did I forget to mentions that
Eva Mendes is not wearing anything... Phew!!

Now that its banned else where you gotta see the ad... only at madSarmad, isn't it...

Here's a dekko

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