Monday, August 4, 2008

Around the world in 800 days!

I think I am lucky, really. My work is like living my dream. It lets me meet interesting people... crazy, wacky nut-cases but interesting none the less ;)

This week I met Akis (an Automobile Journalist) and his girlfriend Vula (dancer instructor) who drove all the way from Greece to India. These amazing people are driving a Land Rover and plan to travel around the world in 800 days. Imagine Greece to Jordan to Iran to Pakistan to India and finding time in the middle to site see in Africa as well. I told you crazy but what a life.

People from different part of the world might seem different because of their cultures, looks or beliefs but this experience taught me something... in the end we are all human!!
Armed with a smile - Vula & Akis at Navnit Motors, Thane.

They have a website which the constantly update from the different places they travel. GAWD! Can kill for a life like this!! Ok...before I go on a rampage... have a look at their website... will upload some of their fascinating videos tomorrow... now, I'll get back to work and you enjoy the World Off Roads!


Arif said...

doing your work in a true spirit of a reporter Bhai!!!

husain said...

Awesome bro..ur rockin dis blog..